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Awesome for what is developed for.


Debridement is the basis & a fundamental step for healing in all types of wounds. That is why an innovative creation on NEUdebri is made for precise & efficient care. 

Removal of accumulated non-viable tissue from the wound bed can maintain a healthy skin perfusion & promotes fast healing process

Progressive healing pathway is guaranteed if dead tissue is removed.

An ulcer is like an iceberg, debridement is necessary to resolve the complaints about pain. Neudebri allows us to extract  & excise the dead tissue through an innovative and skillful technique. 

Prevent infection. Dead tissue can catch bacteria, for that, infection can hinder wound healing.

Dead tissue can hide bags of pus!!!

Some ulcers are comparable to an iceberg. NEUdebri ® surgical forceps guide us to perform professionally for a precise procedure to get to the target goal, wound healing!

As well learned, debridement is the basic foundation of proper wound management. It is unfailingly necessary to apply and learn "The NEUdebri® Way".

It is highly recommended to all medical universities to include it in their curriculum on specialized & specific care program as compulsory part of their studies. Students must learn to efficiently anticipate complex skin and immediately apply proper wound care techniques at any time, any place without hesitation because they have a reliable tool at hand.

Prepare them for the future. If practitioners have insufficient insight & skills, there is a great chance that the care will be substandard. For today, we need to start anew, we have to go back to the basics, “proper education and training". Learn the  to cure with the medicine of love & compassion, the neudebri way.

Let us improve our skills and let us do it NOW! First things first, break the culprit on non-healing wounds.

An evidence-based wound-healing techniques with the NEUdebri® surgical forceps has been proven with successful and full advantage to both patients and practitioners.


Annalyn Garcia


How did neudebri came up?

It is inspired by a regular successful result after “regular surgery” (sharp debridement). The voice of the patients suffering from chronic wounds must be heard.

​​​​​​​Worldwide research, testing & collection of debridement tools was in vain. Therefore further seeking for solutions until a new development for a better innovation is created together with careful studies & measurement to get to a perfect click!

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