A fundamental treatment approach in wound care

A fundamental treatment approach 



Delighted clients, gratified feedbacks for your practice.

No signs of scarring after healing.  

No anesthetics needed.

Ensures a better technique for total excision of deep mycosis, neuropathic ulcer, warts & necrotic tissues without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. 

Maintain a healthy & progressive healing pathway  after removal of accumulated non-viable tissue & wound dressing residues  from the wound bed.

Practical & safe on your own skin and that of the patient, for the professional, less or no risk of accidental cutting on your own skin. 

Portable, easy to use in a private practice, hospital or home treatment. 

One-time investment, reusable & durable.

Neudebri way,  a unique treatment approach that stands out.

NEUdebri® is one of such a kind, a three-piece in one surgical forcep used as a debridement tool in which the therapist grab, lock and manipulate the neuropathic skin at the position of the irregularity or disease, and to remove accumulated non-viable tissue without damage to healthy skin areas. 

The NEUdebri aids in the excision or the so-called "conservative sharp debridement".  It is also known as "regular surgery"  that means operation outside operating theater.

NEUdebri is the most reliable tool of our modern wound care, for a fast relief of pain, neuropathic skin problems and to ensure rapid perfusion in a chronic wound.

... is described as practical, safe for both caregiver and patient, cost-effective, durable and easy to apply in a private practice, hospital or home treatment.

For a thorough wound cleaning and removal of all hyperkeratotic, infected, non-viable, and dressing residues.

Non-healing wounds need different approach, 
get rid of the culprit the NEUdebri way.

On Call SolutionS International, a company based in Belgium, the legal manufacturer of NEUdebri surgical tool is reaching out to every medical professionals for a better world.

Cases wherein NEUDEBRI is best needed

HIOME is where we talk about wound management in general, why debridement is important, and we call it NEUDEBRI way...

How NEUdebri provides a better approach on wound management




Wound-care specialist

General doctors

Foot surgeon

All medical/nursing  students on their 4th year of study

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